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Carpet Installation in Syracuse, NY

Carpet Flooring in Syracuse, NYOur showroom provides beautiful carpeting and quality services for all of your carpet flooring installation needs. Is it time to replace worn-out carpeting? Does your flooring need to be upgraded to match new décor? As a highly recognized carpet flooring store, we recommend superior lines featuring endless colors and a variety of textures. Our carpet options are known for superior quality and affordability.

The beauty of carpeting is that it’s both durable and soft. Our carpets vary in color and patterns so you are sure to find the ones that suit your aesthetic preferences. When you’re perusing the collections in our store, we are happy to guide you step by step. One of our carpet floor team members will explain the differentiations among all of our carpets, such as:

  • Frieze - Cut-pile carpeting constructed with springy and twisted fibers; hides dirt and is incredibly soft
  • Marine - Specially manufactured for wet environments including boats and gangways; fade and mildew resistant
  • Shag - 

Outstanding Benefits of Carpet Flooring

There are many reasons to choose carpet flooring for your home or office. First, carpet gives an extra level of comfort to every room it is placed in. Your feet are going to love the soft sensation of sinking into the floor with every step. Also, carpet is very comfortable to lie on, which makes it perfect for homes with children who love to play on the floor.

Carpet is also a great way to reduce noise in your home. Because sound bounces off surfaces, the texture of carpet helps to absorb a lot of the sound that hits it. This means that rooms with carpet are quieter, and the sounds won’t travel as far in your house. This makes it an ideal choice for TV rooms, children’s play areas, or any room you don’t want to be disturbed by noise.

When you visit our store, one of our carpet specialists provides you with a variety of excellent choices from our expansive inventory. We’ll note your expectations and present the most suitable choices for you to consider. Our goal is to match first-rate recommendations with your unique lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for tough or refined carpeting, we’ll find it for you. We always give our customers individual attention and samples to take home to ensure your confidence in your choice.  

Use Our Affordable Carpet Flooring Installation

Installing flooring is best left to the experienced. The quality of your carpet flooring installation makes a difference in how long your carpets last and how attractive they are.  By choosing our experienced team of installers you are making sure the job is done right the first time, and to the highest standard of quality. This saves you from many problems, such as premature damage and replacement of your flooring. 

Another great reason we save you money on carpet flooring is because we know exactly how much you need. With carpet, measurement is very important, because it is usually installed from a roll. It is very easy to cut too much, or even worse too little, but our experts have the skills and experience to do the job correctly without wasting resources or your money.

For years we have been the store homeowners trust to get great carpet flooring at unbeatable prices. If you are interested in high-quality carpet with a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from, make our showroom the first place you shop.

It is important to choose a team of flooring professionals with the experience and knowledge to properly install your new flooring. When the work is completed by our carpet installers, you can be sure we will take care of such steps as properly disposing of your old flooring, perfectly grading your subfloor, and leaving no wrinkles in your new carpet floors. Professional carpet installation comes with many of the following benefits:

• Removal of Your Old Flooring
• Moving Your Furniture from the Carpet Room
• Assessment of Your Existing Subflooring for Even Coverage
• Selection of the Best Padding for Underfoot
• Less Noticeable Seams in Large Rooms
• Stretched Carpeting with No Wrinkles or Folds
• Proper Transitioning to Other Flooring in Different Rooms
• Clean Up of the Job Site with No Nails or Staples Left Behind
• Assessment of the Carpeted Area After the Installation
• Lifetime Warranty for Installation Concerns
• Proper Disposal of Old Flooring for Recycling if Possible

Carpet Installers that Offer the Ultimate Confidence Guarantee

The biggest advantage of choosing a store that both sells and installs flooring is the protection of your new carpeting. Our warranty is known for being the best in the industry. Called the Ultimate Confidence Guarantee, this lifetime guarantee covers the cost of any issues you experience as a result of the carpet installation. If there are any issues, the cost is covered at our expense. Also, if you are not happy with your flooring choice, our installers will replace it with a carpet of equal value within 30 days of purchase.

Contact us to choose from a number of carpeting styles and colors for your home. We serve Syracuse, Fayetteville, Manlius, Skaneateles, Cicero, New York, and the surrounding areas.



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