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Give new life to your Home with Upgraded Countertops in Syracuse, NY

 A tired and worn appearance to your kitchen or bathroom can be a source of frustration whenever you enter one of those rooms. Don’t think you need to settle for space which doesn’t meet your standards for appearance and freshness in your home. The solution is a simple one that is available whenever you are in the market for countertops in Syracuse, NY. Call upon the friendly and experienced staff at Syracuse Flooring America.

Making your Choice Simple

 Counters are major design features and stand up to a lot of use and wear over time. It’s this combination of factors that call out for them to be replaced periodically. When you take the step to refresh your home, there are many brands and choices to consider for new kitchen countertops or new ones in your bathroom.

 You are going to want a surface that is durable, easy to clean, and looks great for a long time. Countertops in Syracuse, NYYou can choose quartz counters or maybe granite is more your style, but no matter where your preference lies, you are sure to find a solution in our showroom. Not only do we have the inventory choices which are sure to provide just the right look you’ve been considering, but we also have many other resources at your disposal.

 First and foremost, we offer the skills of our interior designers to assist you. It’s a remarkable experience to work with a professional who seems to be able to read your mind and suggest the exact option you were considering. They’re not psychic, but our designers have the benefit of experience, training, and taste which they gladly share with customers.

 Maybe you’re thinking about upgrading your bathroom countertops but are unsure how your choice is going to look when it’s in place. You don’t have to imagine how beautiful it will be; you can see the results thanks to our kitchen and bathroom visualizers. These online programs give you the option to apply a variety of counters, backsplashes, flooring, and cabinet choices so that you can see the finished product.

 Our edge visualizer allows you to explore choices for the edges of your new counters. With the assistance of these programs, you will discover the perfect combination of Cosentino or Caesarstone counters that you’ve been longing for with results you can’t wait to make real.


A Dramatic Improvement to Your Home  

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling is a dramatic way to improve your living space. Using your counters as the focal points, you can work toward rooms which dramatically improve your home and make it the envy of your friends and family.

Contact us to learn about how good new counters will look in your kitchen and bathrooms. We proudly serve customers in Syracuse, NY, and all the surrounding areas.


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