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Laminate Flooring in Syracuse, NY

Wood-look laminate by Shaw Floors in bedroom scene with French doors, large bed and night stand

Discover durable, family-friendly laminate flooring solutions that stand the test of time with our expert guidance. Syracuse Flooring America Kitchen & Bath Design Center offers an extensive selection of laminate flooring, making your choice both exciting and affordable. Our experienced specialists simplify your shopping journey, working closely with you from selection to installation.


We take the time to understand your preferences for performance, appearance, and budget, ensuring our product recommendations exceed your expectations. For homeowners seeking the perfect blend of beauty and resilience, laminate flooring is a top choice. Designed to replicate various flooring materials, our laminate products are suitable for any room in your home. Explore our extensive Syracuse, NY showroom for a wide range of laminate options and consult with our professionals today!


Laminate Flooring Types Explained

Laminate flooring is crafted using two distinct techniques, each serving a unique purpose. Here's an overview:


High-Pressure Laminate:

  • Ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic.
  • Made by fusing individual layers with high pressure for enhanced density.
  • Commonly used in commercial settings.

Direct-Pressure Laminate:

  • Suited for homes and public areas.
  • Creates standard laminate options.
  • Uses a different manufacturing method.

Laminate’s Four Distinct Layers:

Laminate flooring is characterized by its four-layer structure:

  • Base and Core Layers: Provide density for enduring foot traffic and subfloor placement.
  • Ornamental Layer: Utilizes modern technology to display replica images.
  • Wear Layer: Guards against stains and protects the image and the entire floor.

Explore Our Diverse Styles:

Choose from various textures and styles, such as:


Laminate Wood Flooring:

  • Achieve the natural charm of hardwood at an affordable price.
  • Suitable for areas where traditional hardwood may not be, like kitchens, bathrooms, and basements.

Laminate Tile Flooring:

  • Get the beauty of stone, porcelain, or ceramic tiles without the high cost.
  • Offers durability and warmth, making it perfect for Syracuse winters.

Why Laminate Floors Deserve Your Attention

Modern laminate flooring replicates high-end materials like stone tile and hardwood at a fraction of the cost. Here’s why you should consider laminate:


Economical and High Quality

  • Benefit from the buying power of Flooring America, offering the latest collections from top manufacturers at competitive prices.
  • Affordable enough to potentially expand your flooring replacement plans.

Durability and Resilience

  • More robust than traditional materials, enduring heavy foot traffic and pet accidents.
  • Practical advantages include resistance to scratches, water damage, and minimal maintenance needs.

Practical Benefits You Can Expect:

  • Versatility: Available in various styles and options.
  • Interior Enhancement: Instantly elevates room aesthetics.
  • Water and Damage Resistance: Repels water, mold growth, scratches, and stains.
  • Easy Maintenance: Simply sweep and mop for cleanliness and upkeep.

Trusted Brands and Diverse Styles

  • Access industry-leading brands like Mannington, Floorcraft Maysville, Mohawk, Shaw Floors, and more.
  • Discover a range of styles from trendy and modern to classic and traditional, ensuring your ideal laminate flooring option.

No matter your choice, rest assured that your laminate floors will meet your expectations for both appearance and longevity.


Laminate vs. Vinyl Flooring: Choosing the Right Option

Laminate and vinyl flooring are popular for cost-effective and versatile flooring. While they share similarities, key differences can influence your decision:



  • Laminate: Comprises layers with a rigid fiberboard core, simulating natural materials with detail.
  • Vinyl: Made from synthetic materials, featuring 3D printed designs, offering smooth surfaces and inherent water resistance.

Water Resistance:

  • Laminate: Not waterproof; can be damaged by moisture.
  • Vinyl: Waterproof, ideal for wet areas.


  • Laminate: Resistant to scratches but may chip or fade.
  • Vinyl: Highly durable, and withstands heavy traffic.

Consider location, traffic, and moisture exposure when making your choice. Laminate offers realism, while vinyl provides waterproof durability.


Pet-Proof and Water-Proof Laminate Flooring

At Syracuse Flooring America Kitchen & Bath Design Center, we understand the importance of having flooring that can stand up to the challenges of pet-friendly homes and wet areas. Our pet-proof and water-proof laminate selection offers the perfect solution for durability and resilience. Here's why you should consider it:

  • Pet-Friendly: Our laminate is designed to resist scratches and damage caused by pet claws, ensuring your floors stay in top shape, even in homes with active pets.
  • Water-Proof: You can enjoy the beauty of wood or stone-look laminate in areas prone to moisture, like kitchens, bathrooms, and basements, without worrying about water damage.
  • Easy Maintenance: Cleaning up after pets or spills is a breeze, thanks to the water-resistant nature of our laminate flooring.
  • Realistic Look: Despite its resilience, our pet-proof and water-proof laminate maintains a high level of realism, mimicking the appearance of natural materials with remarkable detail.

Explore our selection today and find the ideal laminate flooring that not only enhances your home's aesthetics but also provides peace of mind, making it a perfect choice for households with pets and areas where moisture is a concern.


Professional Laminate Flooring Installations

Our work isn’t done when you make a purchase. The in-house technicians we employ are prepared to perform installation services on your behalf with efficiency and precision. Investing in laminate floor installation from our store, along with your laminate purchase, is more cost-effective than hiring another team or attempting to perform the installation yourself. 

We bring value to each customer by backing every installation with our Ultimate Confidence Guarantee, which proves our commitment to your satisfaction. Should you be dissatisfied with your new flooring for any reason, we’ll replace it with a comparable solution for free. Are you ready to start your laminate flooring renovation?


Contact us today to view our laminate collection or book an appointment for a free consultation and in-home measurement! We proudly serve the communities of Syracuse, Fayetteville, Manlius, Skaneateles, and Cicero, NY.

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